A Plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a mist.

Proven technology

The big leaps of faith have been taken to prove the technology is viable and scalable. There will be continuous research and development to refine the technology

Commercial scale operations worldwide.

There are various value propositions that will generate revenue going forward.

Due to the efficiency and yield with relatively low CAPEX this can also be launched into any space competitively.

You can confidently know that what you are eating is the best possible quality due to the controlled environment. Our technology uses solid well tested base of aeroponics with greenhouse technology and improves this by adding further elements in a re circulation vertical system that utilizes gravity and optimize light,air,C02 nutrition and other important contributors to growing healthy plants.

What we have grown so far

•7 Lettuce Varieties





•Mustard Spinach




•Peppers Plantlings

•Cucumber Plantlings

•Jalapeno Plantlings

•Tomato Plantlings

•Maringa Plantlings

•Edible Flowers

•Swiss Chard


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Big Brother 60 plant

60 plant vertical growing towers with fully integrated NFT ...

Sales price: 4500,00 R
Price / kg:

Junior 16 plant

16 plant NFT compact vertical tower perfect for entry ...

Sales price: 1500,00 R
Price / kg:

Little sister 36 plant

36 plant vertical growing towers with fully integrated NFT ...

Sales price: 3800,00 R
Price / kg:

Living Wall 200 plant

Up to 200 plant modular "aeroponic" living wall ideal for ...

Sales price: 10999,00 R
Price / kg:

Senior 96 plant

96 plant modular "aeroponic" vertical tower,entry level ...

Sales price: 7999,00 R
Price / kg: